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Data Paper: A Database of 14C and Non-14C Ages from Archaeological Sites in Australia (Data Paper) (open access)
How are teeth better than bone? An investigation of dental tissue diagenesis and state of preservation at a histological scale (open access)
An archaeological and geophysical reassessment of Aggersborg, Denmark (open access)
GIS Visualisations of Mortuary Data from Holešov, Czech Republic (open access)

Internet Archaeology has been publishing on the web since 1996 and is the premier e-journal for archaeology. An independent, not-for-profit journal, it publishes quality academic content and explores the potential of electronic publication through the inclusion of video, audio, searchable data sets, full-colour images, visualisations, animations and interactive mapping. Internet Archaeology is international in scope, a true journal without borders, and all content is subject to rigorous peer-review. Internet Archaeology is hosted by the Department of Archaeology at the University of York. All content is fully archived by the Archaeology Data Service. Internet Archaeology is in transition to Open Access and a full list of our existing OA content is here .

A low-cost subscription is only required for more recent content except where Open Access has already been enabled. It is IA policy to enable Open Access on all content when article development costs can be met with the longer term aim of making the whole of IA open. Do you want to make your published research Open Access? Contact IA today.

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