Figure 83: Samson Strong's Kiln removed to Kirkstall (Drawing by Peter Brears).

A drawing, by P Brears, of the kiln as it now stands at Kirkstall is reproduced here (Figure 83). The superstructure is built with an outer skin of curved ("circle") red bricks and an inner skin of curved fire brick. There are four adjustable iron bands. The muffle is constructed from fire bricks set edge to edge on their ends to form a cylindrical chamber. Peripheral shelves are pegged into every other horizontal joint. The base of the muffle is raised from the floor of the kiln on edge placed fire bricks. The muffle buttresses bridging the flue space are similarly of fire brick. Slagging within the flue space is consistent with the use of original materials in the reconstruction. Props and dish supports were used within the muffle (see Catalogue LEE1).


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