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ABCD: 1721

Thenford nr Banbury

Site code:

Site details:
Location: Thenford, nr Banbury, 1991, Northamptonshire, England SP54
Period: Roman 4th cAD
Category: villa
Notes: clay lined it containing ash and silica 4th cAD
Topography: ?
Condition: **
Report type: cereal grain

Robinson M and Straker V. 1991. Silica skeletons of macroscopic plant remains from ash. 3-13. In: Renfrew J. (ed.) New Light on ancient Farming. [Thenford] Edinburgh University Press. England, Northamptonshire

Processed by
MR - Robinson, Mark: Oxford Univ

VS - Straker, Vanessa: DUA London/Bristol Univ

Sample: 1721a
Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
RO - pit fill nr Roman 300 400

Context integrity: 3
Context preservation: si
Dating method: ?
Dating validity: 2
Environmental interpretion: ash from burning lots of wheat chaff
Archaeological interpretion: clay-lined pit

Taxa name Part Preservation Problem code Quantity Abundance
Cerealia pro c 19 3
Gramineae pro c 1 1
Triticum sp. bri c 6 2
Triticum sp. chf s Q 4890 5
Triticum sp. glb c 37 3
Triticum sp. pro c 5 2
Triticum spelta glb c ! 35 3
Triticum spelta pro c 3 1

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