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Intra-mural walkway during excavation - detail.
Image: B-A2-16
Location: Site B, Area 2
Plan of Saxon features | Plan of Medieval features | Plan of Site B
Aspect: View looking E
The intra-mural walkway in course of excavation. The feature was sectioned along a line running in a south-westerly direction into the internal angle formed by the southern and western bank - the corner is to the right. The post-hole for the probable corner turret is to the right of the ranging pole (see detail in photo 2/19). A recent field drain cuts diagonally across the feature, centre left to top. The walkway in this section consists of several layers of small flat stones, rather irregularly placed onto the underlying soil. (See details of the surface in photos 2/17, 2/18, and general views in 2/20, 2/21, and 2/22.)