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Figure 22: The inner berm. Section 2, Area 1
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The inner berm

The area of the inner berm
Period 1 - No deposits of this period are shown. The inner ditch was probably to the right of the section, but was removed in period 4.
Period 2 - The berm is covered with mortary and stoney deposits of periods 2A and 2B, which possibly include deposits upcast from the cleaning of the ditch in period 2C.
Period 3 - Destruction products from the wall have been piled onto the berm [45], forming marked tip-lines of stones. These would have tipped into the ditch to the S (right), but were probably removed in period 4. The development of dark soil over this deposit probably took place in the period of abandonment, period 3B.
Period 4 - The deposits on the berm, and much of the inner ditch (not excavated here) have been recut from a higher level by a comparatively wide and shallow defensive ditch, and become filled with dark earthy clay [32]. There were no obvious signs of a recut here.

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