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Figure 25: Front of the bank. Section 4, Area 2
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Front of the bank

Period 1 - The front of the clay bank [515] to left, with the remains of the turf revetment [502], showing the cut for the insertion of the wall (period 2).
Period 2 - Only a few stones of the back of the lowest course of the added stone wall remain in position. These are overlaid by a packing of earth and clay inserted behind the wall [545]. The front of the wall would have been placed in the hollow 1.8m in front of the cut-back bank.
Period 3 - The pile of large and small loose stones and mortar, filling the space formed by the former wall [513], and derived from the destruction of the wall, gives way to the right to a deposit of stones and mortar with lenses of earthy material [517]. Nearer the ditch this deposit shows clear tip-lines.
Period 4 - The stone and mortar deposits of period 3 are cut by a shallow feature [534] which is the palisade trench of period 4, filled with dark earthy material mixed with stones and mortar from earlier deposits [544].

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