5.2 Sub-phases 2, 3, 4 (blue and turquoise blue; Figs 21-22)

Figure 21 Figure 22
Figure 21: The East Field at Isthmia, Sub-Phases 2, 3, 4, Plan and Harris Matrix.
Figure 22: The East Field at Isthmia, Sub-Phases 2, 3, 4, Model.

In these sub-phases we identified the construction of several buildings, each of which may have been constructed at a different time, although all these sub-phases eventually stood contemporaneously. As a collection of structures, this group represents a major transformation in the use of space within the excavated area. The earliest of these structures was the only one of these 'new' buildings for which a clear physical and stratigraphic relationship to the earliest known phase was evident: the 'blue' building was built directly over the ruins of the earlier 'grey' building. The alignment of this blue structure and the openness of its central space appear to have continued through later rebuilding (Figure 23). A second structure was built at the same time, we suspect, and probably in association with this building. There is the possibility that these two structures may have been physically attached. For this reason we include the second structure in plan, but mark it as a different tone of blue, a turquoise colour (Figs 21-22).

Figure 23
Figure 23: The East Field at Isthmia, central space of the 'blue building', looking south.


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