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Tables 1-4 are XLS spreadsheets and are hosted by the University of Sydney eScholarship Repository. View the repository for indices to the tables. Links will open a new window.

Table 1: List of Fishes. Taxon coding and explanatory information about fish assessed as potentially useful for studying Sydney regional prehistory and historical archaeology.

Table 2: Fish Taxon Names and Codes. Standardised scientific, common and other nomenclature and codes for fishes in Table 1.

Table 3: Fish Anatomy Names and Codes. Codes and explanation for anatomical parts of fish skeletons used in the Archaeological Fish-Bone Images sustainable digital archive and to record Quadrant archaeological fish remains.

Table 4: 1880s NSW Fisheries Commission Information. Information about habitat, seasonality, catch method, abundance, edibility, economic and cultural value of Sydney fishes from the Fisheries Inquiry Commission (1880).

Table 5: Fish identified in published Sydney archaeological sites (October 2009).

Table 6: Fish judged 'important' but not yet reported from any archaeological site in the greater Sydney region (October 2009). Images of key bones of these taxa, from modern reference collections, are included in the Archaeological Fish Bone Images digital archive at May 2010.

Table 7: Gaps in the ANU and University of Sydney reference collections and/or the Archaeological Fish-Bone Images digital archive at October 2009. Examples of these taxa are considered likely to be found in Sydney regional archaeological sites. Better reference collections are needed to investigate this hypothesis.


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