Examples of enhancements to the Gardom's Edge website

Contents Page

An example of using a graphical approach to the main contents page - Javascript "roll-overs" are used to create a graphical menu system. What influence do these have on our sense of narrative through the site?

Interactive "map"

This example uses "roll-overs" to to illustrate the location of key archaeological features over a vastly simplified "map". Does it offer greater clarity and meaning compared to our original site plan?

QuickTime VR pages

This example uses "roll-overs" again, to show the locations of the QuickTime VR nodes, again over the simplified "map" illustration. In addition, frames are used to enable showing the nodes and their locations in the same window. Does this help to make the QuickTime VRs less abstract?
This section uses frames and requires QuickTime 3

Rock Art "quiz"

For the younger site visitor - this example uses draggable "layers" to create a simple visual quiz. A simple animation is also provided to show the finished result.
Uses Javascript - requires HTML 4 compatible browser (Netscape 4.x, IE 4.x)


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