During the course of my research for the thesis upon which this paper is based I received help and support from many people for which I am deeply grateful. To all the museum staff, too numerous to mention individually, who made their collections available for study; to the staff of Stroud Library for their unstinting efforts to trace obscure books and articles; to my supervisor Dr. Peter Davey for advice, encouragement and hospitality; to Philip Graham for help and advice with computer scanning of photographic images; I offer my sincere thanks.

The following museums and individuals provided photographs and photocopies used to illustrate the text:-

Without these the section dealing with superstructures would be very thin indeed.

I must also thank Richard Savage, who proof read the penultimate draft, for his diligence and advice on signposting between sections. Finally my wife Jacqueline for her tolerance and support throughout.

Allan Arthur Peacey, May 1994


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