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ABCD: 1146

Strageath 73-86 Tayside, Perthshire

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Site details:
Location: Strageath 73-86, Tayside, Perthshire, 1989, Tayside, Scotland NN898180
Period: Roman Antonine and Flavian
Category: Fort
Notes: from various Antonine & Flavian occupatn & demoln. layers
Topography: river valley
Condition: dry
Report type: charcoal/wood

Dickson C and Cartwright C. 1989. XXIX. Burnt wood. 271. In: Frere S and Wilkes J. Strageath: Excavations within the Roman fort 1973-86. Britannia Monograph Series No. 9. London. Scotland, Tayside

Processed by
CAD - Dickson, Camilla: Glasgow Univ (nee Lambert)

CRC - Cartwright, C R: Institute of Archaeol. London/BM Res. Lab.

Sample Period
1146a RO.RM

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