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ABCD: 1149

Fairy Knowe 78 Buchlyvie, Sterling

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Site details:
Location: Fairy Knowe 78, Buchlyvie, Sterling, 1983, Central, Scotland NS586943
Period: Iron Age 1st c AD - 200 AD
Category: broch
Notes: this is not a full report
Topography: boulder clay mound river valley
Condition: dry
Report type: macrofossil reports

Boyd W E. 1982-83. Botanical remains of edible plants from the Iron Age broch at Fairy Knowe, Buchlyvie, near Stirling. Forth Nat. and Hist. 7. 77-83. Scotland, Central

Processed by
WEB - Boyd, Bill: Dept Botany, Glasgow Univ

Sample Period
1149a PH.IA

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