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ABCD: 1571

Dell Quay 84 nr Chichester

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Location: Dell Quay 84, nr Chichester, 1987, Sussex (E & W), England SU832019
Period: Roman ?c.nAD75-175
Category: tilery
Notes: dating on pottery not closely datable
Topography: coastal (eroding)
Condition: **
Report type: charcoal/wood

Cartwright C. 1987. Charcoal. Fiche page 54. In: Rudling D R. The investigation of a Roman tilery at Dell Quay, West Sussex, 1984. Sussex Archaeol. Coll. 125. 81-90. England, Sussex (E & W)

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CRC - Cartwright, C R: Institute of Archaeol. London/BM Res. Lab.

Sample Period
1571a RO.ER

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