3.8. Roman Pottery in Britain

Paul Tyers

The paper on Roman amphoras in Britain is drawn from a recent book, Roman Pottery in Britain published by Batsford and Routledge in 1996 (ISBN 0 7134 7412 2).

A wealth of information can be gleaned from the humble pot sherd. It can be used to date sites, assess economic activity and help in an understanding of patterns of trade and manufacture, especially within the Roman Empire.

The book is in two parts:

Part I outlines:

Part II presents an Atlas of almost 100 classes of pottery - both local and continental - which were used in the province. Each entry describes:

and is accompanied by a computer-generated map of the British and/or continental distribution, comparative drawings of the pottery forms and a bibliography.

Routledge can be contacted at:
11 New Fetter Lane
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Catalogue details of Roman Pottery in Britain can be found on the Routledge web pages at or the publishers can be contacted directly by email at


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