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The CD-Rom

""The Archaeology of Southern Ontario to A.D. 1650" CD-Version, is a completely reworked, re-publication of the "Green Bible" as an interactive, encyclopeadia. It 'stands alone' - you don't need any special 'reader' or 'application' to run it. As long as you have Windows 3.* or Windows 95 on your computer, and a CD-Rom drive, it should work." (Adams, 2001).

System requirements:

386, 486 or Pentium computer
At least 8 megs Ram.
CD-Rom Drive (2x or better)
VGA Monitor (SVGA preferred @ 24 bit)
Sound Card (optional)

The program ran well on Windows 95, 98 and 2000 platforms. I haven't tried it on Windows-NT or higher-level platforms such as Linux or Unix. There are no current plans for a Macintosh version.

It works faster with more RAM and a higher-level CD-ROM drive, naturally. I didn't find the sound either necessary or useful.

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