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Full record Site name Remains/Period County
MORE Samson Hill, Bryher Y5 N4 Y3 Scilly
MORE Ballowal Cairn, Carn Gluze, St Just in Penwith Y4 Y3 Cornwall
MORE Burrington 1, Blackdown (N) Y4 Y3 Somerset
MORE Brean Down Y4 Y3 Somerset
MORE West Littleton Down, Tormarton Y3 Gloucestershire
MORE Chycarne, St Just in Penwith Y3 Cornwall
MORE Temple Guiting 3, Four Barrow Field Y3 Gloucestershire
MORE Cape Cornwall, St Just in Penwith Y3 Cornwall
MORE Pedngwinian Point, Gunwalloe Y3 Cornwall

Burial codes = 3002 and Region = SW">

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