Index of monitoring devices and results

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The table of monitoring devices below links to all reports about the devices and the data they collectively retrieved between 27 June 1995 and 19 March 1999.

[report] indicates installation and device report
[table data] indicates data presented in tabular form
[chart] indicates data available in chart form

Neutron Probe 1:
Access Tube 1
Neutron Probe 2:
Access Tube 3
Dipwell Suction Samplers Soil Moisture Cells
Installation report [report] [report] [report] [report] [report]
Design specification [report] [report] [report] [report] [report]
Site preparation and conditions [report]
Water level     [table data] [chart]    
Temperature     [table data] [chart] [table data] [chart] [chart]
Electrical conductivity     [table data] [chart] [table data] [chart]  
pH     [table data] [chart] [table data] [chart]  
Dissolved oxygen     [table data] [chart]
[table data] [chart]
[table data] [chart]
[table data] [chart]
Redox potential    [table data] [chart] [table data] [chart]  
Estimated moisture content [table data] [chart] [table data] [chart]      
Resistance         [chart]

MORECS data for NGR SE6044 5280
Air temperature recorded during each visit
Dataloggers temperature


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