Appendix 1: Bounty mutineers reported drowned on 29 August 1791

Taken from Bligh ML MS ZS1/54; Edwards (RNHO MOD M-180, Log); Bounty Pay List (PRO ADM/35/216).

HILDEBRANT (or Hilbrant), Henry
Age 25, Able Body, 5ft 7in. height, fair complexion. Sandy hair, strong made, his left arm shorter than the other having been broken, was Hanoverian born and spoke bad English, was tattooed in several places. Treated for venereal disease at Tahiti by Bounty surgeon.

SKINNER, Richard
Age 22, Able Body, 5ft 8in. height, very well made, had scars on both ankles and on his right shin, was very much tattooed and by trade a hair dresser. Treated for venereal disease at Tahiti by Bounty surgeon.

Age 23, Midshipman, 5ft 7in. height, good complexion, dark hair, slender made, narrow-chested and long neck. A star tattooed on the left breast and one on the left arm with a heart and darts. Tattooed on the backside. Small face and black eyes.

Age 24, Able Body, 5ft 5in. height, fair complexion, brown hair, slender made, a scar upon the left cheek and tattooed in several places.


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