Direction of Online Teaching

An ideal online course should be one that allows the motivated student to proceed at their own pace using educational resource materials that are available online. This type of course strives to allow a positive educational experience for any student that is not constrained by that student's location: lack of the desired course at their university, lack of faculty expertise, lack of resource materials, poor library collections, etc. The value of online teaching is found in offering a course not available in the student's home location.

The virtual course allows students to move at their own pace. The student can explore the subject as their schedule allows. The student does not have to juggle a class schedule and can work at all hours of the day as time is available. A student with the proper background training might be able to earn a semester's credits in a greatly concentrated period, allowing time for other courses, and resulting in an accelerated program that might not be possible given traditional scheduling conflicts.

A virtual course will supply access to resources - material and people - that the student might not otherwise have at hand. A good interactive online course delivers assigned reading, expert advice, and links to sites and experts that are invaluable to the student. A prime advantage of enrolling in a virtual course is that access is open for any dedicated learner. There should be few restrictions in accessing information.

Positive aspects of an online course include the following:


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