1.0 Background to SCRAN

SCRAN is a national digitisation project based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded with funding from the Millennium Commission in 1996, it has since worked with over 350 cultural organisations such as museums, art galleries, media organisations and local archives to digitise selections of their materials and make them available for educational use from the SCRAN website at Over one million text records, images, sound files and video clips are now available, covering a wide range of subject areas. This includes many hundreds of archaeology-related records, such as photographs of landscapes, settlements, excavations and artefacts (Figs 1-4), and drawings, plans, interactive panoramas and mini-movies (Figs 5-8). Each object is accompanied by a caption providing background information about the resource together with links to further references.

Select thumbnails to access the relevant SCRAN resource. If you have any difficulty using the thumbnails to access a record, try selecting the caption link instead.

Achnabreck prehistoric rock carvings (single ring lower group) Temple Wood (aerial shot) Excavations at Glasgow Cathedral Necklace and bracelet from Skara Brae, Orkney
Figure 1: Achnabreck prehistoric rock carvings (single ring lower group) Figure 2: Temple Wood (aerial shot) Figure 3: Excavations at Glasgow Cathedral Figure 4: Necklace and bracelet from Skara Brae, Orkney

Pictish stone: carved boulder - Drawing Broch of Burrian, North Ronaldsay, Orkney Cairnholy I Chambered Cairn Scar Viking Boat Grave
Figure 5: Pictish stone: carved boulder - Drawing Figure 6: Broch of Burrian, North Ronaldsay, Orkney Figure 7: Cairnholy I Chambered Cairn (Quicktime VR panorama) Figure 8: Scar Viking Boat Grave (video clip)

Anyone with Internet access can visit the SCRAN site to carry out searches and view the contents of the resource base in terms of thumbnail images. To access large images and multimedia files a subscription is required. For licensing reasons, we are unable to reproduce large images in this article but the thumbnail images used here are all hyperlinked to their individual record on SCRAN. SCRAN subscribers may navigate from there to view the larger image or play the sound files and video clips.


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