Appendix 1 - Chitty Recommendations

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  1. That the ATF develop its profile and activities as a co-ordinating body for training, extending its membership accordingly, and continue to act as a leader in working towards a co-ordinated strategy for training and development across the archaeological sector.

  2. That the ATF commission IFA to undertake on its behalf the design and implementation of a project to define professional roles and functions across the archaeological sector.
    related sites: IFA | Professional Training and a Career Structure in Archaeology | Q-West Consultants | Standards and Functions in Archaeology

  3. That the ATF support the IFA's Higher Education Committee in working with SCUPHA and SCACE to develop an outline core curriculum for archaeology training closely related to the key roles and functions identified for the profession.

  4. That the ATF initiate a project for a comparative study of professional qualifications in related fields as the basis for developing a suitable model for the archaeological profession.
    related sites: IFA | Statement of Practice in Comparable Professions: Archaeology Training Forum Project under the Chitty Report (Recommendation 4)

  5. That the ATF work with the IFA and with the active involvement of other relevant professional associations towards the design of a professional qualification for practice in archaeology.

  6. That the ATF ensure that archaeological interests are represented and integrated in the work of CHNTO and LANTRA, the NTOs for cultural heritage and environmental conservation, in developing occupational standards and vocational qualifications; and that representatives of the NTOs have observer status in the Forum.
    related site: CHNTO

  7. That the ATF work with CBA, in collaboration with the IFA, SCACE and SCUPHA, to develop and maintain a comprehensive on-line information service providing career advice and details of the availability of archaeology education and training courses, as a service to the interested public and to independent and professional archaeologists.
    related sites: Council for British Archaeology | TORC

  8. That the ATF work actively with ALGAO, IFA, SCACE, SCAUM and SCUPHA towards the development of trainee and work experience placements across the sector as part of a sponsored entry route to the profession; investigate the feasibility of maintaining a centrally co-ordinated register; and develop guidelines for the content and quality of professional placement experience.

  9. That the ATF work with ALGAO, IFA, SCACE, SCUPHA and SCAUM to develop mechanisms to encourage sponsored professional exchanges and secondments across the sector, and investigate the feasibility of establishing an agency arrangement to co-ordinate a central register of professional exchange opportunities in the UK, Europe and internationally.

  10. That the ATF in conjunction with ALGAO, SCACE, SCAUM and SCUPHA develop proposals for research-based training projects as the basis for dialogue with the heritage agencies on a jointly funded and sponsored initiative for a series of archaeology research and training schools.

  11. That the ATF work with IFA, SCAUM and ALGAO to foster and actively to encourage training policies, planning and commitment to Continuing Professional Development as good business and professional practice for organisations and for individuals.
    related sites: Institute of Field Archaeologists | Continuing Professional Development

  12. That the ATF work with other organisations assessing training and development needs in archaeology, including IFA and ADS, to direct future resources for training to areas where skill shortages and the priority for professional update are clearly defined.
    related sites: Archaeology Data Service | Strategies for Digital Data | Survey of Archaeological Specialists

  13. That the ATF work with CBA and other relevant bodies, including the HLF, to identify the best means to develop and strengthen the skills base of the independent and voluntary sector in archaeology.
    related sites: Heritage Lottery Fund | Sustaining Our Living Heritage


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