Appendix 4 - Occupational Standards for Archaeological Practice: 'AC3.2 Observe and record measurements'

AC3 - Contribute to non-intrusive investigations
AC3.2 - Observe and record measurements

Performance required:

This will involve:

  1. contributing to the investigation efficiently and systematically and in accordance with the method statement
  2. adapting work procedures and practices if instructed to allow for different circumstances and conditions
  3. maintaining the integrity of the site, observing safe working practices and ensuring disruption to other activities on the site is kept to a minimum
  4. making observations and measurements that are accurate and fully meet specified data requirements
  5. consulting with senior manager when uncertain about any aspect of the investigation or own responsibilities for action
  6. recording investigation data clearly and accurately and storing them securely for later analysis
  7. maintaining equipment in operational order and storing it securely
Occupational context
  1. Type of investigation
  2. Mode of investigation
  3. Safe working practices (cover)
  4. Circumstances and conditions
Knowledge requirements

You need to know how to:

You need to know about:

Required skills
Evidence required

You should provide evidence that you can observe and record measurements.

The candidate should be questioned, based upon the documentation provided, to explore the following:

Evidence rules

The candidate should have been involved in at least 2 substantive projects.


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