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Figure 23: The inner Saxon ditch. Section 3, Area 2
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The inner Saxon ditch

Period 1 - The inner ditch, cleaned out on more than one occasion, and filled with stones in period 3A. Its upper filling is cut by the ditch of period 4.
Period 2 - Ditch probably cleaned out in periods 2A and 2C.
Period 3 - The ditch has been filled with large stones and some mortar from the destruction of the wall [529], period 3, associated with the destruction deposits on the berms to its north (left) [532] and south (right) [528]. The interstices have become filled with earthy clay erosion products.
Period 4 - The period 3 fill of the ditch is cut into by the ditch of period 4, filled with stoney clay [510].

Compare sections in similar positions in Figs 17, 32, 35.