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Table of Figures

Figure 1: Location of Empúries on the Iberian Peninsula

Figure 2: Major areas of the site of Empúries

Figure 3: Neapolis

Figure 4: The Roman city

Figure 5: View of a small portion of the excavated ruins at Empúries

Figure 6: The Sanctuaries of Asklepios and Serapis

Figure 7: View of the Sanctuary of Serapis from the south plaza

Figure 8: View of the Sanctuary of Asklepios from the south plaza. The statue in the background is a copy of the original statue of Asklepios re-erected in its temple

Figure 9: Viewshed analysis of the pediment of the Roman-era temple in the Asklepieion

Figure 10: Casa Romana 2a and 2b

Figure 11: View of Casa Romana 2b from the fauces into the atrium

Figure 12: View of a portion of a restored mosaic in Casa Romana 2b

Figure 13: Viewshed analysis of Casa Romana 2b

Figure 14: View from Casa Romana 1 towards Palaiaopolis/Sant Martí de Empúries. The large building in the distance is the church of Sant Martí

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