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3.2 Items of material culture

Table 2 comprises a list of all items or item categories made and used by the Wola. The only item made of chert is one of the knives. Items still manufactured using chert flake tools (97 in total) in the 1980s are marked with an asterisk (also see Plates 6-69) while items made with modern sharp tools such as bush knives and razor blades are marked with #. In this way it is possible to reconstruct the probable extent of chert tool use prior to the introduction of metal tools (a complete description of each item, its use and method of manufacture can be found in Sillitoe 1988).

The collection of all the different raw materials to be used in the making of an artefact was frequently a time-consuming occupation, since many different raw materials were often involved. Table 2 does not include the individuals involved in collecting or providing items they had made, such as string, and whose contribution to the construction of an artefact was fundamental, as this information was not available, but does include raw materials used in the manufacture of all items or classes of items, and identifies the sex of makers and users of the items.

Interactive Table 2: Items of material culture.
Or view in single table (for illustrations of all items, see Sillitoe 1988)

Table 2 serves to illustrate the richness and variety of the Wola material culture. The number of items directly related to subsistence is small in comparison to those employed in the ritual, ceremonial, or decorative categories, most of which are outside the current boundaries of archaeological accessibility.


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