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4. Future developments

At the moment this technology is little understood and little used within archaeology, however it has real potential to allow archaeologists to share information and present it to a wide variety of audiences through portals, web sites and news feeds. This will help archaeology researchers keep even more up-to-date with material released on the Internet without having to trawl around web sites of potential interest at regular intervals. As the technology develops there will no doubt be other ways in which it can be used to present archaeological information to a wider audience.

5. References

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6. Acknowledgements

Thanks to Jonathan Bateman (Information Officer at the Council for British Archaeology), Jen Mitcham (Curatorial Officer at the Archaeology Data Service) and Jon Pratty (Editor at the 24 hour museum) for useful and stimulating discussions with regard to blogs and news feeds. And thanks to Judith Winters for her patience.

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