Internet Archaeol. 14. Hopkinson and Winters. Summary

Problems with Permatrace: a note on digital image publication

Guy Hopkinson1 and Judith Winters2

1Freelance archaeologist: Guy Hopkinson
2Editor, Internet Archaeology: Department of Archaeology, University of York, King's Manor E-mail

Cite this as: Hopkinson, G. and Winters, J. 2003 Problems with Permatrace: a note on digital image publication, Internet Archaeology 14.


'POND' - close-up of hands drawing on permatrace, Gardom's Edge excavations 1997. Copyright of Jonathan Bateman.

The methodology presented here developed out of work required to convert the hard-copy illustrations submitted to Internet Archaeology for publication of the 1975 excavations at Cricklade. The publication (and digital image preparatory work) was funded by English Heritage and was, in part, an experiment designed to explore some of the possibilities presented by digital image publication. Various challenges in how to transform the drawings on permatrace to a digital format were encountered. While a full exploration of the potential of all areas of digital image preparation and publication was not possible, some interesting technical options were evaluated. This short article explains the processes applied in creating the images that were finally incorporated within the publication. It also examines some other avenues regarding the presentation of archaeological drawings that could be explored in both future Internet Archaeology content and other digital publications.


Thank you to Steve Dobson, Ben Gourley and Holly Wright for their help and thought-provoking discussion throughout the process. Thank you to English Heritage for funding the publication of this technical note, and for their continuing support of digital publishing initiatives in Internet Archaeology. Thanks to Jonathan Bateman for the use of the photograph on this page, and for comments on earlier drafts.

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