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This was originally presented as a paper at the Archaeological Informatics: Beyond Technology round-table seminar held at the University of Glasgow in September 2001. I am grateful to the organisers, Jeremy Huggett and Seamus Ross, for the opportunity to write up my contribution for publication and for their patience whilst I experimented with the electronic version.

The ideas represented have been developed over many years as part of the process of development of Internet Archaeology and the Archaeology Data Service. Inevitably many people have contributed to their formulation, directly or indirectly, and it is now impossible to name them all. Nonetheless I would like to acknowledge the specific input of the co-founders of the ADS, specifically Vince Gaffney, Mark Gillings, Peter Halls, Mike Heyworth, Jeremy Huggett, Gary Lock, Paul Miller, Clive Orton, Clive Ruggles, Nick Ryan, Armin Schmidt and Martijn van Leusen, and the founding Chair of our Advisory Committee, Professor Rosemary Cramp. The shape of the ADS, and of digital archiving and dissemination in the UK, has been largely formed through the work of ADS staff, past and present, namely Tony Austin, Jo Clarke, Frances Condron, Kate Fernie, Pat Gibbs, Jon Kenny, William Kilbride, Paul Miller, Damian Robinson, Donna Page, Maureen Poulton, Keith Westcott, and Alicia Wise. Finally I would like to acknowledge the contribution of those who have supported or encouraged our development in various ways, including Sheila Anderson, Neil Beagrie, Martin Carver, Nigel Clubb, Dan Greenstein, Keith May, Dai Morgan-Evans, Diana Murray, Dominic Powlesland, Steve Roskams, Seamus Ross, Geoffery Wainwright, and Tim Williams.

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