Internet Archaeol 15. Schmidt. Summary

Remote Sensing and Geophysical Prospection

Armin Schmidt

Department of Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD7 1DP, UK

Cite this as: Schmidt, A. 2004 Remote Sensing and Geophysical Prospection, Internet Archaeology 15.


In archaeological prospection, computer processing is essential for all stages of data manipulation. This article investigates the contributions which informatics has made in the past and looks at its potential for the future. It is shown how the workflow of satellite imagery, aerial photography and geophysical prospection can be broken down into measurements, acquisition, processing, visualisation and interpretation. Based on these categories, the advantages of digital data manipulations are explored with individual examples. It is shown that informatics can greatly assist with the final archaeological analysis of the measurements but that human experience and assessments are crucial for a meaningful interpretation.

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