Internet Archaeol. 16. Longworth Acknowledgements
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I am grateful to National Museums Liverpool for providing the funding for this research degree, and to my supervisor, Dr P.J. Davey, University of Liverpool, for his guidance and advice.

I would also like to thank my colleagues at NMGM; Julia McLaughlin Cook for assistance with assembling the Buckley archive, Alison Stephens for her time spent dealing with the complexities of the database and catalogue, Robert Philpott and Robin Emmerson for commenting on aspects of the research.

My thanks also go to the many curators and archaeologists in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, USA, who kindly allowed me to consult their archives and collections, and to Susan Bourne, Towneley Hall Art Gallery and Museum, Burnley, and Julie Edwards, Grosvenor Museum, Chester, for discussing their collections with me.

Arthur Amery kindly lent me his original paperwork on the sgraffito catalogue to check detailed information. Finally, I would like to thank Jim Bentley for rescuing so thoroughly the evidence of pottery production in Buckley and providing me with such a full archive for research.

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