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9.0 Photographic recording

As an alternative means of recording the visibility from the tells, panoramic photography as taken from the summit of the mounds was undertaken. This was done in order to provide an alternative, more immersed, conception of the landscape to that provided by the viewshed maps. It also serves as a control for the viewshed analysis.

A set of overlapping exposures of the surrounding landscape were taken, with the aid of a tripod. These were then stitched together using the PhotoVista package. Cummings provides details on this process (Cummings 2000a; 2000b). Via the medium of the internet, these panoramas can offer a much more interactive conception of landscape than the selected viewpoints offered through conventional methods. The user is free to move around the panorama at will, stopping to examine certain areas in more detail.

Choose to interact with a panorama of the following tells (your browser must be Java enabled):

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