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1.4 Project operation

The project was conducted solely by the author, based at the Department of Archaeology, University of Durham, and was entirely funded by English Heritage. The work was conducted between September 2000 and January 2004.

1.5 Acknowledgements

English Heritage provided the grant which made this project possible. I would like to thank Dr Pete Wilson and various other English Heritage staff for their tremendous support for the project. I am grateful to Dr Jerry Evans for his advice, and to Dr Paul Tyers for his advice at an earlier time. Prof. Martin Millett played a significant role in the genesis of this project over the period 1995-98. Mark Atkinson, Ed Biddulph, Joyce Compton, Nina Crummy, Jeremy Evans, Mike Flitcroft, John Manley, Gwladys Montiel, Rachael Seager Smith, Robin Symonds, Jane Timby, Margaret Ward, Felicity Wild and Pete Wilson generously provided information. I am particularly indebted to David Morgan of the ITS at Durham University for assistance with the database and to Judith Winters and Jon Kenny for their skills and realisation.

Both this project and Roman archaeology generally owe an immeasurable debt to the select band of samian specialists without whose year-on-year identifications and publication reports none of this work would be possible.

1.6 Project archive

A copy of the project archive has been lodged with the Archaeology Data Service in York.

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