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2.3 Samian and the exploration of economic and social aspects of the Roman era

A central purpose of the Project is to consider samian evidence as an index of social and economic processes and practice. Accordingly the intention has been to examine a variety of areas:

A range of methods have been adopted to engage with these substantive areas. An important aim has been to identify and characterize baseline trends in the incidence of samian in these fields.

2.4 Samian and the broader context of research and fieldwork

The findings of this research are located and interpreted within the broader context and research priorities of the study of the archaeology of the Roman period in Britain (cf. James and Millett 2001; Willis 2004), and indeed the Roman phenomenon in western Europe and the empire. This broader context provides a vital frame of reference for the study, as does the essence of Exploring Our Past (English Heritage 1998) and the character and circumstances of current fieldwork (Darvill and Russell 2002).

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