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BU Number BU0076
Intensive Survey Zone Karkotis
Village Phlasou
Related BUsBU0062 BU0075 
Locality Molos
Easting 489556.00
Northing 3880093.00
Elevation 305
Source GPS
Village Plan Kato Phlasou
Plot Village 258.00
BU Summary Water mill, Phlasou. Restored in 2000. Construction is irregular basalt with limestone quoins in penstock and millhouse. Top layers of millhouse rebuilt with mudbrick. Crude arch in millrace wall, which is blackened by fire. Date of 1690 on penstock.
Location Molos locality, situated on east bank of Karkotis river.
Vegetation Clump of eucalyptus by river
Access tarred ring road of Phlasou
Associated Land abandoned farmland
Tile Some
Habitable no
Occupied no
Stability IV
Foundation irregular basalt boulders and chinking
Walls water rounded basalt and limestone quoins
Interior Plaster n/a
Exterior Plaster yes
Ceiling n/a
Floors n/a
Roofs On restored millhouse
Eaves none
Building Type Water mill
Structure Type water mill
Current Use disused
Past Use milling grain
Structure Name Mylos ou Molou (Molos Mill)
Special Features limestone plaque with inscription on north wall of penstock. Date on plaque appears to be 1690. Limestone plaque on fountain with relief letters chiseled off.
Moderations/Alterations Renovated 2000-2001.
Description On east banks of Karyiotis, NW of Shaban Bey mill. Water race leads water from canal beside road into curved water leat which goes over a pointed arch just before the canal enters the penstock. A stone pathway crosses under the arch. North face has traces of fire. Penstock is two tiered and vertical, with dressed ashlar quoins on all four sides (it is in a bad state and leaks water). Mill house abuts penstock and appears to have had adobe courses to raise roof, which means that in older times it may have had a flat earth roof, then adobe was added to the north and south side to create a slope for the roof, which was subsequently redone with stone. Limestone ashlar quoins on SE corner of mill house (and penstock?). Poukatostegi, vaulted chamber under mill house floor ends in pointed-arched outflow with dressed limestone quoins and into outflow channel taking water into the Karkotis river. Mill stones in mill house, together with 'statis'.
Period 1100 No
Period 1601 Yes
Period 1701 Yes
Period 1801 No
Period 1851 No
Period 1901 No
Period 1951 No
Oral Information Mrs Evroulla Hadjidemitriou of Phlasou (ex mayor's wife): Molos had one of three alonia belonging to the other two related mills (Krommidos and Shaban Bey). At the 'honi' or 'cone' at Molos mill, water for Linou and Katydata is separated. One other favourite spot was 'o Lantos', favoured by swimmers.
Recorded By SEZ
Recorded Date 28/7/2001 00:00:00
Entered By SEZ
Entered Date 29/7/2001 00:00:00