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BU Number BU0084
SIA Number TS04
Intensive Survey Zone Karkotis
Village Phlasou
Related BUsBU0071 
Locality Koutroullis tou Ayiou Yeoryiou
Easting 489937.00
Northing 3880186.00
Source GPS
Sheet Map Cadastral XXVIII-36
Plot Village 391.00
Sheet Map 1:5000 28-XX
BU Summary Church, Phlasou. Stone structure with some limestone blocks in walls inside. Roof is curved tile.
Location Adjacent to cemetery on a small elevation (Village Plan: Kato Phlasou No. II)
Associated Land Enclosed within a compound
Pottery Some
Tile Abundant
Chipped Stone None
Ground Stone None
Slag None
Length (m) 17.00
Width (m) 6.00
Height (m) 7.00
Levels Single
Habitable Yes
Occupied Yes
Foundation n/a
Walls Stone
Interior Plaster n/a
Exterior Plaster Yes
Openings 7
Ceiling n/a
Floors n/a
Roofs Curved tiles
Eaves Curved tiles
Building Type Church
Structure Type Stone
Current Use Church
Past Use Church
Structure Name Ayios Yeoryios
Moderations/Alterations n/a
Description Sandstone blocks on the wall corners and on the frames around the doors. The frames form curved arches. Similarly to Agios Mamas in Korakou, there are pottery sherds within the compound: porcelain, Kornos ware, sgraffito. Concrete base. Windows on S and E walls have red-brick frames (the plaster around these is whiter and appears more recent). S wall of compound facing road has a small buttress. Dated to 1722(according to Megali Kipriaki Encyclopaedia s.v. Plasou)
Ownership Greek Cypriot
Date 1722
Period 1100 No
Period 1601 No
Period 1701 Yes
Period 1801 Yes
Period 1851 Yes
Period 1901 Yes
Period 1951 Yes
Recorded By EAS
Recorded Date 29/7/2001 00:00:00
Entered By EAS
Entered Date 30/7/2001 00:00:00