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POSI Number TP050
GU number
SIA Number TS10
Intensive Survey Zone Xyliatos
Village Xyliatos
Locality Ayios Kyriakos
Easting 503263.00
Northing 3877229.00
Elevation (m) 391.00
References [Link to Bibliography]
Source GPS
Aerial Photograph 63-35-026
Team Leader LIK
Summary Ancient adit
Topography Cut into NW-facing cliff; partially filled by terrace
Vegetation Pines, olive, almond, cistus
Access Just east of dirt road
Description Environment Pillow lavas covered by a layer of conglomerates. Terrace wall to the south west creates a platform in front of the adit. An olive tree and an almond tree and cistus bush grow around while pine trees line the sides and the top.
Pottery None
Tile None
Chipped Stone None
Ground Stone None
Slag None
Architecture None
Visibility (%) 90
Description POSI This is an ancient adit, the roof of which has started to collapse. It is cut in the contact between the conglomerates and the pillow lavas. The roof of the adit is covered with bright red and yellow iron oxides as well as cavities where large boulders use to be cemented. Because of the collapse it is hard to know how deep the adit is but at the moment it is 3.2 m wide and 1.2 m high at the highest point. Measuring with a cane the depth is at least 5 m. Aspect NW.
Condition The entrance of the adit has been altered by collapse and the adit itself is filled with rubble so the original shape is not preserved.
Settlement No
Church No
Building No
Bridge No
Check Dam No
Threshing Floor No
Tomb No
Kiln No
Other Structure No
Rock No
Mine/Adit Yes
Botany No
Extraction Yes
Road No
Pottery No
Lithics No
View No
Geomorphology No
Prehistoric No
Iron Age No
Hellenistic/Roman Yes
Medieval/Ottoman No
Modern No
Slag No
Shrine No
Entered By ATB
Entered Date 31/7/2001 00:00:00
Recorded By LIK
Recorded Date 25/7/2001 00:00:00