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POSI Number TP105
GU number
Intensive Survey Zone Asinou
Village Nikitari
Locality Paloeomandroes
Easting 496199.00
Northing 3877490.00
Elevation (m) 532.00
References [Link to Bibliography]
Source GPS
Aerial Photograph 63-35-039
Team Leader ESG
Summary 2 rock structures N-S of gully - circular inside each. Pitch kilns?
Topography On backslope on side of draw / drainage
Vegetation Pine, cistus, wild grass
Access Forest trail from Ayios Theodhoros to Asinou
Description Environment 2 rock structures on either side of dip in gully. Gully filled with pine trees on both banks (small, steep). North larger structure on flattened plain. 15m straight across gully to South - 2nd rock structure - smaller - on gentle sloping hillslope.Easting/Northing/Elevation = Larger feature
Pottery Some
Tile None
Chipped Stone None
Ground Stone None
Slag None
Architecture Abundant
Visibility (%) 90
Description POSI Larger rock structure to North:- width from outer rock edge: 350cm- length from outer: 240cm- inside: circular 180cm diameter- thickness of South wall: 60cm- rectangular outer with circular innerSmaller rock structure to South:- width and length: 2m diameter- back wall: 60cm thickUnsure of what they both were used for - well? Kiln? Animal pen?About 12m off road
Condition Fairly good - though some walls have been eroded
Settlement No
Church No
Building No
Bridge No
Check Dam No
Threshing Floor No
Tomb No
Kiln Yes
Other Structure No
Rock No
Mine/Adit No
Botany No
Extraction Yes
Road No
Pottery No
Lithics No
View No
Geomorphology No
Prehistoric No
Iron Age No
Hellenistic/Roman No
Medieval/Ottoman Yes
Modern No
Slag No
Shrine No
Entered By RJM
Entered Date 24/7/2002 00:00:00
Recorded By RJM
Recorded Date 24/7/2002 00:00:00