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POSI Number TP184
GU number GU2653
Intensive Survey Zone Xyliatos
Village Xyliatos
Locality Alestos
Easting 502356.00
Northing 3876796.00
Elevation (m) 592.00
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Source GPS
Sheet Map 1:5000 29-XXVI
Team Leader AGR
Summary Adit with two entrances possibly connected to TP180
Topography SSE facing slope at 22 degrees, bare rock.
Vegetation Spiny Burnet, Heath. pine, Cistus, Wild grasses, Hawthorn, Asphodel.
Access Dirt track leading from the road between Ayios Yeoryios road and TS10
Description Environment The adit is located on the SSE facing slope of Alestos on a slope of 32 degrees. It is almost completely made up of bare rock. The lichens have weathered the rock providing nutrients for the support of vegetation.
Pottery None
Tile None
Chipped Stone None
Ground Stone None
Slag None
Architecture Some
Visibility (%) 100
Description POSI 2 entrances to an adit, but with no spoil heap. The distance between the upper and lower entrances is 2.55 m. Dimensions of upper entrance: 80 cm E-W, 1 m N-S, 1.8 m deep. Dimensions of lower entrance: 1 m N-S, 90 cm E-W, 2.8 m deep. The adit is Y-shaped and as there is no spoil heap it may be connected to the adit entrance with spoil heap further down the slope, TP180. The line of the cavity seems to direct itself towards TP180.
Condition Good, but some collapsed boulders on the bottom which have fallen from the roof.
Settlement No
Church No
Building No
Bridge No
Check Dam No
Threshing Floor No
Tomb No
Kiln No
Other Structure No
Rock No
Mine/Adit Yes
Botany No
Extraction Yes
Road No
Pottery No
Lithics No
View No
Geomorphology No
Prehistoric No
Iron Age No
Hellenistic/Roman Yes
Medieval/Ottoman No
Modern No
Slag No
Shrine No
Entered By RAB
Entered Date 21/7/2003 00:00:00
Recorded By CWA
Recorded Date 20/7/2003 00:00:00