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POSI Number TP202
GU number GU2135 GU2136 GU2134
SIA Number TS18
Intensive Survey Zone Atsas
Village Linou
Locality Vrysi tou Haji Christofi
Easting 492104.00
Northing 3882300.00
Elevation (m) 247.00
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Sheet Map 1:5000 28-XIII
Team Leader ATB
Summary Roman farmstead with two rooms, tile fragments and millstone
Topography On a rise to the NW of the spring
Vegetation Wild grasses, thorns, thistles, zizifus
Access On the border of the Buffer Zone; walk down from main road
Description Environment It is on a small rise to the west of the spring (TP201). Surrounded by stubble fields.
Pottery Some
Tile Abundant
Chipped Stone Some
Ground Stone Some
Slag Some
Architecture Some
Visibility (%) 50
Description POSI Structural remains constructed from river boulders. There is a mill stone in the rubble, which is covered in lichen. This shows that it has been in place for a substantial period of time. There is an abundance of Roman self-slip pan tiles. The diameter of the in situ stone structure is 10 meters. There is a scatter of pottery, stones, slag, tile and chipped stone on the NW slope.Collection from POSI Units - On the first visit (30/7/03) two PUs were defined: PU01a was a 1m wide strip at the edge of the harvested field below, and the same width as the rectangular structure; PU02a comprised the interior of the rectangular walls and its tumbled walls. Not knowing about these PUs we defined 6 PUs (PU01-PU06) on the second visit, when the POSI was mapped (4/8/03), these are described in the Settlement notebook and were drawn on the map.PU01a didn't overlap any of the subsequent PUs and was renumbered PU07.PU02a coincided with PU01 and, as the collection methods were the same, results from the two units were combined.LHS 6/8/03(See also map & write up by settlement mapping team)
Condition Stable
Settlement Yes
Church No
Building No
Bridge No
Check Dam No
Threshing Floor No
Tomb No
Kiln No
Other Structure No
Rock No
Mine/Adit No
Botany No
Extraction Yes
Road No
Pottery Yes
Lithics No
View No
Geomorphology No
Prehistoric No
Iron Age No
Hellenistic/Roman Yes
Medieval/Ottoman No
Modern No
Slag No
Shrine No
Entered By AJG
Entered Date 4/8/2003 00:00:00
Recorded By GAP
Recorded Date 30/7/2003 00:00:00