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SIA number TS06
Village Phlasou
Locality Koutroullis
Easting 489920.00
Northing 3879620.00
Elevation (m) 354.00
Source Image Print
Aerial Photograph 63-35-51
Summary Chalcolithic/Early Bronze Age settlement: section, ground stone, pottery. Recent threshing floor.
Environment On summit and sides of an elevation, bedrock is pillow basalt, with very thin soils overlying it. Close to an ancient possible river meander. Ridge has been modified by bulldozing (possibly created by draft animals, but certainly not made by heavy machinery). Water tank (modern) on summit. Almond grove on east side. Animal pen on summit.
Topography (metres ASL) 28
Pottery Abundant
Tile Some
Chipped Stone Some
Ground Stone Abundant
Architecture Abundant
Slag Some
Material Culture Late Chalcolthic/Early Bronze Age pottery and ground stone. Ottoman/modern (historical period) threshing floors (two on same ridge).
Description SIA Ridge containing evidence of Chalcolithic/Early Bronze Age activity (section TP135). Also groups of ground stone on ridge (TP177). Also Ottoman/modern activity in form of two threshing floors (TP176, TP187). Section drawn and sampled.
Recorded By AJG
Recorded Date 20/7/2003 00:00:00
Entered By ATB
Entered Date 29/7/2003 00:00:00