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SIA number TS15
Village Katydhata
Locality Pano Limna
Easting 488850.00
Northing 3882020.00
Elevation (m) 250.00
Source Aerial
Summary Archaic sanctuary; Roman settlement
Period ROM AC AR
Environment SIA overlies low-sloping (c. 6 degrees) E-facing Holocene (active) pediment apron along base of N-trending basalt hills/ridge of western valley wall. Sediment native to site is thing (< 25 cm) and composed of basalt and calcareous fragments of vein K3 + petrocalcic soil horizons in the pillow lavas. Local concentrations of 30-80 cm thick deposits of SCL to L textured soils (tilled) and deposits (section at TP119). In section, at TP119, there appear to be aligned stones and 'muddier' deposits below a 25-40 cm thick thin-bedded pebble to gravelly SL-LS deposit; and infilled channels (one is a rill, the other is a c. 0.8 x 3 m channel) with accretionery beds of pebbles and finer grained beds. Gully is located to S and is seasonally flowing. Water source is likely the Karkotis Valley c. 100 m away.
References Grivaud 1998 [Link to Bibliography]
Topography (metres ASL) 28-XII
Pottery Abundant
Tile Abundant
Chipped Stone None
Ground Stone None
Architecture Some
Slag None
Material Culture Dense pottery scatter in SU1082 & TP118. Tombs in TP129. Wall exposed in TP252. Pottery across TP119 (settlement). Pottery and figurine fragments in TP119 (sanctuary).
Description SIA Stone walls, melted mud brick and pottery in section in TP252. Clear terraces and house platforms. Archaic sanctuary on artifical platform to N. Settlement of 'Limna' recorded in 1521-1565 village lists, but not 1825 census (Grivaud 1998: 202). Topographic and soil depth map. Geophysical survey. Collection on grid. Sampling of wall in section (section drawing lost?).
Recorded By MJG
Recorded Date 30/7/2002 00:00:00
Entered By MJG
Entered Date 30/7/2002 00:00:00