Glossary of Terms

3D Seismic - This term is given to a geophysical seismic survey that comprises of a suite of numerous closely-spaced seismic lines that provide a highly sampled measure of subsurface reflectivity, and which after processing results in a cube of geophysical data. (Schlumberger 2007)

Doggerland - The term given by B.J Coles (1998) to the former Late Palaeolithic/Mesolithic landscape of the North Sea in recognition of C. Reid's (1913) appreciation of this landscape . It derives its name from a prominent topographic high in the region, the Doggerbank.

Formation - A geologic unit. A Formation is the primary unit of lithostratigraphy, and is delineated at the scale of geologic mapping

GeoTIFF - A version of the digital Tagged image format which contains geospatial information pertaining to the location of the image.

GIS - Geographical Information System.

Holocene - A geologic time division, running from c.10,000BP to present

Isostatic Modelling - The use of topographic (or Bathymetric) data, commonly from satellite sources, in conjunction with information on ice sheet coverage, land rebound and sea level rise information to produce a palaeogeographic reconstruction

Member - A geologic unit. This is the next rank below formation, and commonly is represented as having distinctive lithological properties that distinguish it from other parts of the formation.

Quaternary - A subdivision of geologic time, that covers roughly the last two million years.

Weichselian - A period of geologic time covering used in both European and the North Sea that is broadly equivalent to the British Devensian period. This covers the time from c.70,000 to 10,000BP