The authors would like to thank PGS for the provision of data used in both the PhD. study and The North Sea Palaeolandscapes Project, and the HP Visual and Spatial Technology Centre, University of Birmingham, for the use of its facilities. The authors also acknowledge Tigress, SMT Kingdom and ESRI for the provision of software used in this paper.

Simon Fitch acknowledges the financial support provided for this PhD from the Isle of Man Educational Authority and the School of Historical Studies post-graduate bursary scheme.

Vince Gaffney and Ken Thomson acknowledge the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund (ALSF Marine, administered by English Heritage) for funding the North Sea Palaeolandscapes Project.

It is with deepest sadness that Simon Fitch and Vince Gaffney record the recent death of Dr Kenneth Thomson, co-author of this paper and a principal investigator on the North Sea Project. Ken was lecturer in Basin Dynamics at Birmingham and an acknowledged expert on the interpretation and visualisation of seismic data. Ken was an inspiration to all who worked with him and, to us, a great colleague and an irreplaceable friend.


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