Appendix 1.4: Merv movies

Figure 6: A short introductory film about Merv (English)

A short interpretative movie, in MPEG format, with English and Turkmen soundtracks, was made during the September 2006 field-season at Merv by Sjoerd van der Linde in collaboration with Nadia Glassup, Jumageldy Pirliew and Gaigysyz Joraev. The film was shown on a large screen during an open day at Ancient Merv, in September 2006, aimed at the local Turkmen community and the Ancient Merv Park staff. The film aimed to provide an overview of the history, management and research at Ancient Merv. The development of the movie also functioned as a capacity building project in interpretative writing, photography and computing skills for the Ancient Merv Park staff.

Technical approach

The video elements were recorded with a SONY DCR PC-100E digital camera, although the movies also contain .jpg pictures. The movie was developed and rendered in Pinnacle Studio Plus 9.3, and exported in Mpeg4 format: in high resolution (350MB) and low resolution (35MB).

Copyright issues

All people shown in the video are part of the Ancient Merv Project, and have provided informed consent, after viewing the movie, regarding the use of the video for distribution purposes (see Oral Interviews). Copyright of the audio files belongs to the Ancient Merv Project and to Sjoerd van der Linde and Gaigysyz Joraev (English and Turkmen versions respectively). The joint owners allow all forms of copying, downloading and quotation on condition that the Ancient Merv Project is acknowledged as the source.


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