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Detailed locational information was available for all the records within the Norfolk HER. Sites included in the VASLE 'Sites dataset' were therefore mapped to confirm as far as possible that the assemblages came from unique areas of activity. This mapping was undertaken on a parish scale. Appropriate parishes were established through analysis of the HER index and with the advice of Andrew Rogerson. The HER Sites and Monuments database was used to generate a list of all HER sites (the 'PrefRef' field in the HBSMR database) that contained records of Middle or Late Saxon coins and metalwork. These were then mapped and groups of related HER numbers identified as a discrete Middle/Late Saxon 'site'. The VASLE sites from Norfolk have all therefore been topographically identified, but as some of the locations are sensitive, they will not be published here. The HER number for each record, however, is included in the 'SourceArtefactID' field of the archived VASLE 'Sites dataset'.

No examples of more than one significant and discrete area of Middle/Late Saxon activity within a single parish were identified, so each 'site' was named by the parish in which it was located. The HER files were then consulted, and artefacts entered from all the HER numbers associated with the site to create the total assemblage. Data entry was undertaken in September and October 2007; as much information as possible was entered into each record to enable later concordance of the VASLE records with the original records in the HER.


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