4.4.49 Ryther, North Yorkshire

Ryther is a small village on the River Wharfe, 10km from Tadcaster. There are a number of crop-mark enclosures and ditch systems within the parish, of unknown date, and some evidence of Roman settlement. The church of All Saints has Late Saxon architectural features.

The number of Middle Saxon coins recovered makes it likely that Ryther was one of a number of stops for ships moving up the Humber and which acted as periodic markets and/or toll stops (Naylor 2001, 86). The VASLE dataset is derived from both the EMC and the PAS.

Fingerprint charts for i) artefact date analysis, ii) artefact type analysis, iii) artefact metal analysis and iv) coins – date of production
Artefact date analysis Artefact type analysis Artefact metal analysis Coins - date of production


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