4.4.58 Tibenham, Norfolk

The parish of Tibenham is located in south Norfolk. The name may derive from the Old English meaning 'Tibba's homestead'. By Domesday the estate is listed as possessing woodland and a mill.

No Anglo-Saxon remains have been examined archaeologically, though numerous Saxon objects have been found. Of particular note are a Middle/Late Saxon Ringerike strap-end and a 10th-century Anglo-Scandinavian bead or pin head. Several of the other finds date to the Middle Saxon period, and these consist of a pin, sceatta and a stylus. The presence of this last object may indicate a literate population. The VASLE dataset is derived from the Norfolk HER and the EMC.

Fingerprint charts for i) artefact date analysis, ii) artefact type analysis, iii) artefact metal analysis and iv) coins – date of production
Artefact date analysis Artefact type analysis Artefact metal analysis Coins - date of production


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