List of Figures

Figure 1: Flowchart showing the design and layout of the SASSA webpages

Figure 2: Screenshot showing the standard page layout in SASSA

Figure 3: Screenshot of the homepage for the About geoarchaeology namespace

Figure 4: Screenshot of the tutorial homepage illustrating the hierarchical structure

Figure 5: Screenshot of the why and how pages for soil texture field description

Figure 6: List of recommended field equipment for soil description and sampling

Figure 7: Screenshot of a typical webpage for a field analytical technique

Figure 8: Screenshot of a typical Case study page

Figure 9: Screenshot of a typical Glossary entry page

Figure 10: Screenshot of the SASSA field tool registration page

Figure 11: Screenshot of the Field tool homepage

Figure 12: Screenshot of a section level data entry page in the SASSA field tool

Figure 13: Screenshot of the soil texture description page

Figure 14: Screenshots showing the sequential data entry interface of the interpretation tool

Figure 15: Screenshot showing the result score of the interpretation tool

Figure 16: Screenshot of the typical follow-on pages linked to the interpretation tool results section

Figure 17: SASSA being used on laptop and PDA hardware in the field

List of Tables

Table 1: The structure of the SASSA tutorial, click on the section titles to view the pages

Table 2: SASSA wiki registration and user rights


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