List of Figures

Figure 1: Yiluo River Basin, Henan Province, China

Figure 2: Stone tool production area at Huizui West

Figure 3: Stone tool manufacturing loci in Test Pit 1, Huizui West

Figure 4: Oolitic dolomite flaking debris in Test Pit 2, Huizui West

Figure 5: Relative values for stone artefact types within assemblages

Figure 6: Consumption rates of raw material at Huizui based on tool types

Figure 7: Distance of raw material sources from Huizui (based on Gorton 2003)

Figure 8: Flake sizes from Owen's (2006) replication of oolitic dolomite spades

Figure 9: Oolitic dolomite flake sizes from Test Pits 1 and 2 at Huizui West

Figure 10: Assemblage composition within stone tool production contexts


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