We decided to use PIXE (particle-induced X-ray emission) in order to find more similarities and differences in the use of these rocks. We actually increased the sample size, including samples from the Olmec site of San Lorenzo-Tenochtitlan.

PIXE analysis was carried out using an external micro-beam at the AGLAE facility of the Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées, Musée du Louvre-CNRS, France. The results emphasised the trend showed by NAA. San Lorenzo-Tenochtitlan and La Merced were using serpentinite from Cuicatlán Oaxaca. La Venta used serpentinite from Cuicatlán Oaxaca as well as serpentinite from Tehuitzingo Puebla. The diagnostic elements were Mg and Ni (Fig. 20).

Figure 20

Figure 20: PIXE analysis of serpentinite (antigorite): TE (Tehuitzingo, Puebla)?; CU (Cuicatlan, Oaxaca)?; SL (San Lorenzo-Tenochtitlan, Veracruz) +; LM (La Merced, Veracruz)?; LV (La Venta, Tabasco)?. Boundary ellipses are drawn at 95 per cent level of confidence interval and the variables are transformed into log10


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